The PATHFINDER GROUP is the country’s largest provider of integrated security solutions and facilities management services, operating in all major cities and towns of Pakistan,with over 14,000 employees delivering the highest quality services in thefield. Our areas of expertise include: -

  • Complete Electronic Security Solution
  • Third party HR Data & Record verification System
  • Comprehensive security audits/surveys
  • Guarding Services
  • Close protection services
  • Cash Services
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Meet & Greet (Reception & Send off)
  • Third Party HR Hunt,  Payroll and Training Management


Employee Welfare

“By providing a plan that's good for employee’s welfare, we show them that we value them and treat them as a family. This can help make them feel welcome and happy in our group, motivating them to work with devotion and loyalty.” – This is the view of The Group Chairman.

The group has following welfare packages for its permanent employees: -

  • Life Insurance Cover between PKR: 0.2 million to PKR: 1 million keeping in view the sensitivity of different projects
  • Health Insurance Scheme – Medical Facilities at all reputable hospitals for all employees and their wards, a facility only provided by our Company
  • 24/7 Medical Service by qualified Doctors & Nursing Staff. Provision of quality medicines is free of charge
  • Free living accommodations for outstation employees
  • All day Meals on Highly subsidized rates 
  • Opportunities for trainings and abroad transfers
  • Career planning
  • Letters of appreciation with cash rewards
  • Performance certificate “Guard of the Month” with cash incentives
  • EOBI and Social Security coverage
  • Contribution for Provident Fund to all employees
  • Equal opportunity to all for promotion/increments on the basis of performance evaluation  


One of the pioneers of the private security industry in Pakistan, SMS started operations in 1987. SMS concentrates on the provsion of a high degree and standard of exceptional security services to blue-chip clients and diplomatic missions.

SMS is the first and only private security company in Pakistan which achieved ISO 9001:1994 converted successfully to the new standard ISO 9001:2004. It sets itself apart from other security companies because of its stringent selection criteria and training for manpower. All employees go through extensive background checks and verification; with mandatory 2 weeks of training for all guards at Pathfinder training schools with biannual weapons training and practice.

Recepient of Brand of the Year Award.

SMS provides the following standard and specialist manned security options:

Security guards are a fundamental & well established method of providing security to our clients. SMS delivers experience in terms of recruitment, training and management for our guard force. We provide security to Embassies/Consulates, Residential Complexes, Retail and Trade outlets, Banks, Government & Non-Government Organizations and a wide range of industries.

Awarded Brands of the Year AWARD 2013 for Emerging Brand in Transit.

‚ÄčSMS Services

  • Mobile Patrol
  • VIP Guards
  • Executive Protection Services
  • Escorts and Vehicle Protection Services
  • Stationary Guards
  • Reception Services
  • Route Vehicle Controls
  • Event Security
  • Security Training


Wackenhut Pakistan was incorporated in December 1992 as a “Private Limited Company”. Its core business is to provide “Cash-in-Transit”  and “ATM Replenishment” Service. 

Wackenhut has been operating in the country for over two decades and is known for its high quality service, which is available in about sixty cities & towns countrywide. This extensive network is being controlled from about forty offices under three Regional offices at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Wackenhut’s clientele comprises the financial institutions, multinational & local corporate clients, food and other retail outlets and even individual customers, for securely transporting cash & valuables. 

Cash In Transit Services

Cash & valuables are carried aboard the Company’s armored vehicles manned by well-trained & armed crew. The consignments are comprehensively insured for risks. The armored vehicles operate with a constant communication with our CIT Control Room, and have a Satellite Vehicle Tracking System on board. Consignments of the valued customers are held overnight in Wackenhut’s Vaults in major cities for safekeeping, if required.  Customers’ needs are promptly met for movements within any city, or inter-city by air.

ATM Cash Replenishment Solution

Wackenhut provides Cash Replenishment service to the banks for their ATMs on a 24X7 basis. Its service includes First Line Maintenance (FLM) which ensures a high uptime to the banks’ ATM customers, by taking care of paper jams, card stuck ups, replenishment of paper supplies for the ATM, and reconciliation of cash inventory.

The banks outsource the ATMR service to Wackenhut to ensure round the clock availability of cash in bank’s ATMs. Not only that, it eliminates risk for bank employee’s exposure to a possible robbery attempt, and a consequent loss of life or limbs. Wackenhut ensures a consistent service not only during business days, but also during the long seasonal or festival holidays in the year.

Wackenhut is one of the leading companies in Pakistan, serving the banks and other valuable clients with a high level of customer satisfaction. 


SMS-ESS (Pvt.) Ltd., is an independent company incorporated in the year 2001 with an aim to help businesses reduce operational costs by offering an alternative to on-site physical security.  SMS-ESS has specialization in delivering a security solution that consolidates video, access control, audio and alarm systems; creating a single point of security management. Specially trained based operators are available 24 hours a day to monitor sites via CCTV and audio communication and to manage any alarm activations. By holding a large workforce in three offices i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad SMS-ESS is enjoying a vast client base in the sectors of government organizations, diplomatic missions, international agencies, multi-national corporations related to financial, petro-chemical, mining, transport, retail, commercial and industrial sectors as well as individuals. Providing cost effective and technology intensive security solutions demands a deliberate combination of skills, resources and technical knowledge. Supported by our specialists nationwide, SMS ESS Pakistan has the expertise to design, plan, install and maintain a wide range of security systems on Pan-Pakistan basis.


Careful selection of skilled manpower coupled with comprehensive training and well experienced supervision, offers the clients a workforce of security professionals working round the clock to protect their assets, property and employees. Our engineers and security experts collectively determine performance requirements, carry out security surveys, system design and manage the installation of prudently selected systems to satisfy clients’ needs. After commissioning of projects, we offer a range of maintenance and support service options to ensure performance.


SMS-ESS product line includes:-

  • Intrusion Detection Systems; Alarm Systems
  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems
  • Digital Video Surveillance Systems - CCTV
  • Access Control and Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Remote Guarding Service
  • Integrated Design Service

SMS-ESS monitoring stations [Central Control Rooms-CCRs] not just deliver next generation monitoring services with state-of-the-art CCTV transmission and recording technology to manage and respond to alarms generated from protected sites, 24/7, 365 days a year but are also backed by our professional armed "Mobile Response Teams" (MRTs).





Research and Collection Services [RCS] specialize in providing comprehensive data collection services, in the fields of banking, financial services, security management, due diligence, telecommunications and information technology.  It is our expertise, countrywide network and local connections that have built up over the past two decades that had made it possible to carry out these kinds of sensitive jobs for our valued clients. It is a job of highest responsibility which requires thorough fieldwork and detailed research in various aspects of the problems and tasks. Studies are made relating to corporate credit verification and credibility of data provided by the individuals or firms/companies to our clients. Comprehensive and precise reports are required to be submitted in order to support our clients in the line of making decisions related to their investments/business.

RCS has been successfully rendered its professional services to Government of Baluchistan, Pakistan Television Network (PTV) and USAID. RCS is holding an exclusive portfolio of various government departments, banks, financial institutes, MNCs and several individual private clients.


Security Consultancy, Investigation and Risk Management Services

RCS is the only professional company in Pakistan doing due diligences and audits in the field of security.



Facility Specialist & Multi Services (Pvt) Ltd (FSMS), Pakistan along with other associate companies of the Security Services Division of the Pathfinder Group, is a specialist in the provision of facilities management, training and security-related services.
FSMS extends host of services which include outsourcing of staff, provision of support staff like front desk officers, receptionist, tea boys, office boy / assistant, riders, cleaning staff, maintenance staff i.e. electrician, technicians, carpenters, plumbers etc., housekeeping i.e. provision of manpower, mops & tools and chemicals, on call maintenance services, facilitators for shopping malls clubs and cinemas.

FSMS in coordination with FSMS (UK) operates training facilities, each at Islamabad, Karachi and London. With world class training staff and latest training aids, real and online lectures are delivered to variety of programs i.e. self-defence, security, first aid etc. FSMS is also the authorized trainer for Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).


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