Message from Chairman Pathfinder Group

It is a great honor to be Chairman Pathfinder Group. Though a business entity but we consider ourselves a family where a combination of team work, trust and mutual understanding in achieving excellence is the order of the day.

With visibility across the country, the Group consists of SECURITY DIVISION with Five Security Companies; Three Digital Solution related Companies as the FINANCIAL SERVICES DIVISION and One Human Resources Services Company supporting both the DIVISIONS. Security & Management Services (Pvt) Ltd (known as SMS) is the largest company in the Group, having a well-trained, motivated and qualified Guard Force.

We are in competition with no one but ourselves and that to improve our services. Hence every member of our team is required to ensure maximum commitment towards this. I strongly believe that earning should be shared with those who are at the cutting edge of earning, i.e. our personnel.

Every member of my team is hence required to ensure maximum commitment for continuous improvement and development of the Group with in his / her entrusted domain.

I along with my all family members believe to share our earnings with those at the cutting edge of business i.e Guard Force. The testimony to this fact is their highest Salaries, Health Care, EOBI, ESSI, Provident Fund, Transportation, Accommodation, subsidized Messing alongside free Children’s Education at a Jajja Cadet College.

Company Profile

With about 15000 employees in over 50 cities/towns in Pakistan the PATHFINDER Group includes the two largest private security companies in Pakistan, Security & Management Services (Pvt) Ltd and Wackenhut Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, the other companies in its Security Services Division are SMS Electronic Safety Services (Pvt) Ltd (SMS ESS), Research & Collection Services (Pvt) Ltd (RCS). Pathfinder Group’s Financial Services Division includes Virtual Remittance Gateway (Pvt) Ltd (VRG)  ( and Facility Specialist & Multi Services (Pvt) Ltd (FSMS). Technology Division includes i3 Pathfinder Solutions (Pvt) Ltd and iPath (Pvt) Ltd. Other related companies are also being incorporated.