Our values serve as the foundation for everything we do and all services we provide. We will treat our clients, employees, and the communities in which we operate with respect, honesty, and empathy. We hold all internal and external stakeholders accountable to these values.


The Pathfinder Group will be the risk and security management provider of choice for clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors due to its reputation for unparalleled quality of service, trustworthiness, value for cost, and an excellent work environment for its employees.

Effective SOMS

The Management of SMS establishes and implements a “Security Operations Management System” to manage the conduct of its security operations. It sets forth objectives and demonstrates its commitment for an effective SOMS.


Assessment, avoidance and minimization of the impact of risks. SMS strives to assess, avoids and minimizes the impact of potential risks and undesirable events.

Reputation of the Organisation

The reputation of the company is considered a sacred asset built on the professionalism and ethical behavior of persons working on our behalf. This requires all to understand their responsibilities in contributing towards achievement of objectives and protecting/enhancing the reputation of the organisation.

Respect for laws

SMS conducts its security operations consistent with relevant and applicable laws, regulations and voluntary commitments.

Our Strategy

  • Continually improving the quality of our range of services to maximize value to our clients.
  • Seamlessly integrate a risk and security management culture into the day-to-day activities of our clients.
  • Promote the achievement of clients’ and communities’ objectives as the focus of our services.
  • Leverage technology, innovation, and increased employee competence to provide proactive risk and security management services.
  • Promote the creation of value for our clients while preventing, protecting, mitigating, responding, and recovering from potential problems and pitfalls.
  • Provide intelligence and information to support the mission and management of risk of our clients.
  • Build a risk and security management-based partnership and communication mechanisms with our clients and the communities we serve.
  • Maximize value while minimizing costs.


To improve the management of risk and security for the clients, organizations, and communities we serve by providing a comprehensive range of high-quality services with integrity, compliance with law, and respect for the rights of individuals.