VRG has become the First company in Pakistan to be issued the approval by State Bank to any new private sector company to operate as a PSO/PSP ( Payment Service
Operator/ Payment Service Provider) company. ( April 2017) as well as
the First license from PTA to operate as a TPSP (Third Party Service
Provider) for USSD Interoperability amongst all 4 MNOs of Pakistan. We
are at VRG ,  SAP’s global OEM partners for deploying its famed
Mobiliser 5.5 software. Eight Banks have signed up with VRG to connect
to our Banking Switch, while 12 banks which have the Branchless Banking
licenses from SBP will join this Switch for all financial transactions
pertaining to the Asaan Mobile Account Scheme . We at VRG are also
expanding internationally. Many more exciting developments are in the
pipeline, and will be announced during the course of coming months.

i3PATHFINDER Solutions, as the name suggests, endeavors to provide
enterprises solutions built on innovation, intelligence and integration
using cutting-edge technology.

Our four growth platforms — i3Strategy, i3Cyber, i3Tech, and
i3Progression — are the innovation engines through which we build
world-class skills and capabilities; develop knowledge capital; and
create, acquire and manage key assets central to the development of
integrated services and solutions for our clients.

Along with our alliance partners i3PATHFINDER is providing strategic
technology solutions that achieve real business results for businesses
in diverse industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications,
Logistics, Oil & Gas, and the Public Sector. Along with our alliance

i3PATHFINDER commits an unmatched level of domain expertise with an
innovation-oriented approach while delivering business intelligence
using IT integration to empower organizations with solutions .

iPath Pvt Ltd , is a Financial application development company
affiliated with the Pathfinder Group of Companies. iPath offers a
combination of technical and business proficiency in the area of
financial technology. iPath intents to contribute a diverse range of
innovative products and stay devoted to the entire project lifecycle and