Training Related Regulations

Efficiency is maintained in SMS through regularly updated internal training to align employees with the aims of the Stategic Operations and Management System: ‘SMS also evaluates the effectiveness of training and its practical application, personnel are made aware of their responsibilities in light of stated SOMS objectives while their performance record, training record and annual appraisal reflect their true potential.

SMS Service Capacity Factors

Mission Emergency Plan, incident management reporting.
Legal power of arrest, search and apprehension.
Health, safety and security.
Terrorism/criminality/human trafficking.

Defensive Driving Techniques

There is also significant effort made towards selecting the appropriate training specialists: “The criteria for hiring of trainers is also defined by SMS and followed/implemented by the PTFs. An effort is made to hire appropriately experienced ex-armed forces personnel who are qualified and adept at handling of weapons/security duties.”

Operational procedure documents involved include: Criteria for recruitment and competence assessment, Criteria for instructor, Awareness Program: Basic Weapon and Refresher Training Special Training Courses, and Record keeping of Training.